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Since the 1990s, with the rapid development of network information, human society has already stepped into the information age. Information technology not only influences and changes our work, study and life, but also changes the form of the museum and inevitably gets the museum into a digital age. Now, many museums have set up their own website and release information such as collection and exhibition to the internet. Therefore, as long as you want to know some information and you have internet access; you can never leave home roaming museums around the world at anytime; this is what people called digital museum. Digital museum gets rid of the traditional fetter that museum needs building, display and visiting time and breaks the constraints of time and space, which fully embodies its characteristics of convenience and rapidness.

Following the trend of the development of digital museum, Shaanxi History Museum, China’s first large-scale modern museum built in the early 1990s, also “moves” itself to internet. Welcome to click on http://www.Sxhm.com, and enter into digital Shaanxi History Museum, where it will present you an additional charm of Shaanxi History Museum. Of course, if you think the digital museum can not make you fully satisfied, then, you can come back to reality from the virtual world; the traditional Shaanxi History Museum is waiting for you. After all, the convenient and rapid digital museum can not replace the traditional museum which can bring you visual and spiritual impact and shock.